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Discover how one school has shaken the structural norm and is transforming the lives of parents and learners around the globe, including your backyard.
Woodsong, an Acton Academy in Superior Township, MI is a nature microschool that empowers and inspires children by embracing personal learning. 

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"My daughter is thriving more her first year at Woodsong than she ever has all of her previous years in a traditional school setting. Not only has her passion and drive to learn grown exponentially, she has a renewed confidence in herself/abilities and eagerness to go to school each day!"

-Caroline T, Woodsong parent

learn to learn

Socratic discussions, self-paced core studies, peer-accountability, and self-governance equip children with the tools needed to be courageous, innovative, compassionate, life-long seekers of knowledge.

Learn to do

Mixed-age collaboration in our one-room schoolhouse environment along with project-based learning (focused on science, math, civilization, and the arts) as well as place-based learning prepare children for real world challenges.

Learn to be

The Hero’s Journey, relational covenants and real world consequences transform difficult decisions into virtuous habits creating compassionate thinkers ready to change the world.

hero's journey

Our program is based around the Hero's Journey. Our learners develop courage to take on challenges knowing there will be struggles and failure along the way, but ultimately leading them to success and transformation.

Virtual Tours and Open Houses are COMING SOON!

We are now reviewing applications for Grades 1-7.

We have 6 available spots in our Elementary studio and 4 spots in our Middle School studio for this fall.
Consider submitting your application soon!

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